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VIDEO: Town of Surfside, Public Beach 2000; When the Public Interest Was the Priority of Local Government

Responsibility for the public beach means protection of the environment and the public interest, not the enrichment of special interests or catering to developers' desire to maximize profits. Surfside swings: between 1992 and 2004, Surfside's leadership focused on protecting, preserving and enhancing the beauty and integrity of the community; between 2006 and 2016, the focus shifted to selling out the town's resources, assets, zoning code, and honor. Now that permanent damage is done, what will be next for Surfside's timeline and its future?

VIDEO: Surfside's Public Beach, Zoning Policies, and Preservation (2000)

Surfside was nationally recognized as a model community at the time of this report. Years later, as deceptive town governments 2006-2014 made vast upward changes in allowed density and congestion, increased the number of allowed units, and decreased parking requirements ... and then starting talking about publicly financed parking garages. What had been a model municipality became something else: a government for the special interests, of the special interests, and by the special interests.

TROPICAL TRIBUNE: Advocating Improvements In Public Education