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Miami-Dade Schools Face Fire Safety Lawsuit

MIAMI BEACH — The fight began with one industrious politician who thought his Miami Beach alma mater had become a firetrap.
It grew to a tense showdown between Surfside Mayor Paul Novack and the fourth-largest school district in the United States.
Now the Miami-Dade County School Board faces a federal class-action lawsuit brought by four public school parents and an order from the state education commissioner, both demanding the same thing: Bring schools up to fire code immediately or close them down.
Fire chiefs throughout Miami-Dade say the lawsuit brought to light life-threatening conditions they uncovered years ago but had no power to change. Inspection reports from across the district show schools with broken or inaudible fire alarms, missing fire extinguishers and cardboard boxes stored in boiler rooms.
A School Board attorney says a lawsuit isn't necessary because the district fixes new problems immediately and has spent $275 million over the past six years to br…