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SUN SENTINEL: Growth Is Towering Concern

Growth Is Towering Concern Miami Beach Residents Want To Stem Tide Of Development
March 7, 2004

By Noaki Schwartz, Miami Bureau
Residents of Miami Beach, who seven years ago won a hard-fought battle to pass an initiative giving voters the final say on waterfront projects, are again headed to the polls to try to stop big development.

Though Mayor David Dermer, who helped lead the anti-growth forces, says that residents prevailed in 1996 despite being outspent by developers $2 million to $20,000, some residents say it is clear to them that development in Miami Beach is out of control. The reason: the plans for too many huge projects were grandfathered in, exempting them from public control, and leading to a canyon of new condos.

"Ringing your waterfront with a wall of massive towers is damaging to the livability of the city," said Mark Needle, co-founder of the slow-growth group Save Miami Beach. "It's not compatible with a low-rise historic district.

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