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MIAMI HERALD: Surfside voters elect Graubart to town commission

Surfside voters on Tuesday night elected Joseph "Joe" Graubart in a close race to fill a town commission seat vacant since the end of May.

Graubart received 258 votes, or 44 percent of those who voted, defeating opponents Eli Tourgeman and Meredith Beattie. Tourgeman received 236 votes, or 40 percent, and Beattie got 91 votes, or 15 percent.

Graubart, who served as vice mayor of Surfside from March 2010 to March 2012, said he felt obligated to seek the seat because many residents had asked him to run again.

The at-large commission seat was vacant after former commissioner Sheldon Lisbon, who was elected in March, resigned in May to run for a seat on the Florida House in the newly-created District 100. He lost that race on Aug. 14.

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