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NBC6: Theories Surface in Surfside Cold Case of Kidnapped Teenager

A corrupt sheriff's office, the mob and greed all factored into the decades old mystery of the disappearance of a Surfside teenager. Danny Goldman vanished in 1966, the day before his 18th birthday, and his body has never been found. With little doubt in his mind, civilian investigator Paul Novack has a theory.
"I think it was covered up," he said. "Within a few years, some of the people involved had died already, and the case moved off everyone's radar." But not off Novack's. Somebody broke into the Goldman family’s house in Surfside back in 1966, tied up his parents Aaron and Sally, kidnapped Danny and demanded a ransom. Novack lived in Surfside at the time and was younger than Goldman, so they weren't friends, but the crime bothers him anyway. Florida Man Convicted of Murder After Showing Body to Friends Novack and some of Goldman's childhood friends convinced Miami-Dade Police cold case investigators to re-open the case last year. …

NBC 6: Detectives Take Another Look at 1966 Surfside Kidnapping Cold Case

Detectives Take Another Look at 1966 Surfside Kidnapping Cold Case After years of a cold investigative trail, Miami-Dade Police detectives are again looking at a 46-year-old kidnapping case in Surfside.
Danny Goldman vanished the day before his 18th birthday in 1966.

But Joe Graubart and some of Goldman’s other childhood friends haven’t forgotten him. They have set up a website to drum up publicity, and done some of their own investigating.
“One of the FBI agents of the day said I've never seen a case like this before, and I doubt I will ever see a case like this again,” Graubart said.

According to authorities, somebody broke in around the back of the Goldman family’s house back in 1966, tied up Goldman’s parents Aaron and Sally, kidnapped Danny – who was a high school senior – and demanded a ransom.
It was big news in the little town of Surfside when Goldman’s parents made an appeal at the time. “We have asked the authorities and they have agreed to leave us entirely alo…