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MIAMI HERALD: Veteran Surfside cop, former Police Chief Terrill Williamson dies at 80

Surfside’s police department was never exactly “Miami Vice” though it shares Collins Avenue and the Atlantic Ocean. Certainly the seaside town is not today’s “Hawaii Five-0,” either.
Indestructible commanders like Steve McGarrett are not chasing perps by leaping across rooftops in choreographed pursuit or defusing bombs that could wipe out a whole state.
Sure enough, former Surfside Police Chief Terrill Williamson once told the Miami Herald that police training in the community north of Miami Beach, population about 6,000, stressed citizen assistance.
“The little things help keep you professional. I think they’re just as important as making arrests,” Williamson told the Herald in 1982 — 20 years into his career with the department.
One of his first initiatives as chief was to institute a walk-and-ride program where patrol officers would drive to an area and then patrol on foot. “We want to have close contact and high visibility with the residents,” Williamson said in 19…