House of Representatives Recognizing Mr. Paul Novack

Congressional Record PROCEEDINGS AND DEBATES OF THE 115 TH CONGRESS, SECOND SESSION UNITED STATES OF AMERICA HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES RECOGNIZING MR. PAUL NOVACK The Honorable Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida August 7, 2018 I am humbled to honor an extraordinary citizen of our South Florida community, PAUL NOVACK Hailing from Miami-Dade County, Paul has served as a tireless advocate and public servant for those who call our slice of paradise their home. A proud graduate of my alma mater, the University of Miami (Go Canes!), Paul served as student body President among many other leadership roles. Following his undergraduate degree, Paul enrolled in Nova Southeastern University, where he earned his Juris Doctorate. Upon completion of his law degree, Paul began his journey to what became an extraordinary legal career, representing thousands of clients and litigating numerous cases across multiple legal subjects. In 2016, Paul was hon

MIAMI HERALD: Veteran Surfside cop, former Police Chief Terrill Williamson dies at 80

Surfside’s police department was never exactly “Miami Vice” though it shares Collins Avenue and the Atlantic Ocean. Certainly the seaside town is not today’s “Hawaii Five-0,” either. Indestructible commanders like Steve McGarrett are not chasing perps by leaping across rooftops in choreographed pursuit or defusing bombs that could wipe out a whole state. Sure enough, former Surfside Police Chief Terrill Williamson once told the Miami Herald that police training in the community north of Miami Beach, population about 6,000, stressed citizen assistance. “The little things help keep you professional. I think they’re just as important as making arrests,” Williamson told the Herald in 1982 — 20 years into his career with the department. One of his first initiatives as chief was to institute a walk-and-ride program where patrol officers would drive to an area and then patrol on foot. “We want to have close contact and high visibility with the residents,” Williamson said in

MIAMI HERALD: Mickey Novack, the woman who gave birth in a bomb shelter and ran a South Florida city

Obituary: Mickey Novack, the woman who gave birth in a bomb shelter and ran a South Florida city By Howard Cohen Former Surfside Vice Mayor Mickey Novack with one of her admirers, late U.S. Rep. Claude Pepper. Courtesy Paul Novack Read more here: Read more here: Novack’s challenges inside that shelter in Bethnal Green, a Jewish section of London, were just beginning. “She gave birth to my sister in the bomb shelter during the air raid,” her son, attorney Paul Novack said on Monday, a day after his mother, a former vice mayor for Surfside, died at 97. “For 40 days and nights, the Nazis bombed them every single day,”

CBS 4: Facing South Florida with Jim DeFede - Paul Novack interview


NBC6: Theories Surface in Surfside Cold Case of Kidnapped Teenager

A corrupt sheriff's office, the mob and greed all factored into the decades old mystery of the disappearance of a Surfside teenager. Danny Goldman vanished in 1966, the day before his 18th birthday, and his body has never been found. With little doubt in his mind, civilian investigator Paul Novack has a theory. "I think it was covered up," he said. "Within a few years, some of the people involved had died already, and the case moved off everyone's radar." But not off Novack's. Somebody broke into the Goldman family’s house in Surfside back in 1966, tied up his parents Aaron and Sally, kidnapped Danny and demanded a ransom. Novack lived in Surfside at the time and was younger than Goldman, so they weren't friends, but the crime bothers him anyway. Florida Man Convicted of Murder After Showing Body to Friends Novack and some of Goldman's childhood friends convinced Miami-Dade Police cold case investigators to re-open th

NBC 6: Detectives Take Another Look at 1966 Surfside Kidnapping Cold Case

Detectives Take Another Look at 1966 Surfside Kidnapping Cold Case After years of a cold investigative trail, Miami-Dade Police detectives are again looking at a 46-year-old kidnapping case in Surfside . Danny Goldman vanished the day before his 18th birthday in 1966. But Joe Graubart and some of Goldman’s other childhood friends haven’t forgotten him. They have set up a website to drum up publicity , and done some of their own investigating. “One of the FBI agents of the day said I've never seen a case like this before, and I doubt I will ever see a case like this again,” Graubart said. According to authorities, somebody broke in around the back of the Goldman family’s house back in 1966, tied up Goldman’s parents Aaron and Sally, kidnapped Danny – who was a high school senior – and demanded a ransom. It was big news in the little town of Surfside when Goldman’s parents made an appeal at the time. “We have asked the authorities and they have agreed to leav

MIAMI HERALD: Surfside voters elect Graubart to town commission

Surfside voters on Tuesday night elected Joseph "Joe" Graubart in a close race to fill a town commission seat vacant since the end of May. Graubart received 258 votes, or 44 percent of those who voted, defeating opponents Eli Tourgeman and Meredith Beattie. Tourgeman received 236 votes, or 40 percent, and Beattie got 91 votes, or 15 percent. Graubart, who served as vice mayor of Surfside from March 2010 to March 2012, said he felt obligated to seek the seat because many residents had asked him to run again. The at-large commission seat was vacant after former commissioner Sheldon Lisbon, who was elected in March, resigned in May to run for a seat on the Florida House in the newly-created District 100. He lost that race on Aug. 14. Read original article: Archived: